Volterra museums

VOLTERRA (Velathri, an ancient denomination of Etruscan origin) is famous for the extraction and processing of alabaster, located on a hill at an altitude of 531 meters above sea level. The City has an important historic center of Etruscan origin, of which it still retains the Porta all’Arco and Porta Diana, along with Roman ruins and medieval buildings, such as the Cathedral and Palazzo dei Priori, which stands on the square of the same name.

The places from which to observe the surrounding panorama:

  • Piazza Martiri della Libertà – “La Spalletta (south and east side)
  • Piazzetta dei Fornelli (south and east side)
  • Via Lungo le Mura del Mandorlo (north and east side)

What see:

  • Piazza dei Priori
  • Palazzo dei Priori (Council Hall and the Tower, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the entire city and the surrounding hills)
  • Palazzo Pretorio and Torre del Porcellino
  • Cathedral and Baptistery
  • Door to the Arch
  • Art Gallery and Eco Museum of Alabaster
  • Roman theatre
  • Roman amphitheater
  • Etruscan Acropolis and Roman Cistern Etruscan
  • Museum “Guarnacci”
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
  • Torture Museum
  • “Enrico Fiumi” Park
  • Sources of San Felice
  • Sources of Docciola
  • Medici Fortress (Prison)
  • Le Balze